Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A few thoughts about John Owens

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That being said, another television station recently announced that one of their longtime sports anchors, John Owens, would be ending his association with them in December.

I worked with John for almost two decades, and as this chapter in his broadcast life comes to an end, there are a few things I'd like "on the record"

1) John is one of the kindest, most even-tempered human beings who has ever been on the planet. He made me feel like a member of his family from the moment I walked through the door of that station, and continued to do so as the years went by.
2) John lives and loves sports, with a background stretching back to his own high school basketball, extending through interviews with some of the greats (Muhammed Ali comes to mind) to locker room interviews with some of your favorite Colorado teams. He's even been known to take a portable TV when he and his wife go shopping so he can keep up on the games while she shops.
3) His on-air work will always be part of the broadcasting record of southern Colorado. He's been with us through it all.
4) For some, this will be even more important. He's a good dad and husband. You have to be to raise a daughter who becomes a PhD.

So John will be leaving the place where we've gotten used to seeing him for all of these years, but it doesn't mean...
a) He's getting ready to die
b) We won't see him somewhere else sometime

If we see him doing what he loves to do somewhere else, HOORAY!
If not, then hopefully it's because he's using the time to do more of what he likes to do.

In the final analysis, "You did a GREAT job, Big Daddy"!

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